Residential Real Estate

We represent individuals, fiduciaries, corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships in connection with residential real estate transactions, including purchases, sales and refinances.  Our services include reviewing and negotiating real estate contracts, providing advice as to the terms of real estate contracts, assisting with post inspection negotiations, reviewing title searches, preparing settlement statements, attending closings and explaining closing documents. We handle these transactions for properties located state-wide.

We are approved closing attorneys for most banks and mortgage companies, and we are licensed title agents for many title insurance companies, allowing us to assist you in closing any loan transaction.

Practice Areas

Winnick & Winnick, LLC

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Civil Litigation

We handle the following claims in Connecticut state courts:

Personal Injury
We represent car accident victims and slip and fall victims. We also represent work accident victims in workers' compensation claims.

Commercial/Contract Litigation
We represent parties in disputes over written or oral agreements, including claims arising from business relationships, commercial transactions, contract disputes, and collections.

Landlord/Tenant Issues
We represent landlords and tenants in all disputes arising out of leases (oral or written), including evictions, claims for unpaid rents, and security deposit issues.

Landowner Disputes
We represent landowners who have disputes about property boundaries, rights of way, common driveways, and nuisances.

Property Tax Appeals
We handle appeals from assessments and reassessments of real property, both commercial and residential.